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Mixing & Mastering

Our philosophy is that the best results are achieved by combining the convenience of digital with the creativity and mojo of analog. 

We believe that using high quality hardware for mixing and mastering provides a mojo and three dimensional result that is not yet easiliy achievable with software. Unlike software, hardware forces you to fully rely on your ears and using hardware feels much more like using a real instrument unlocking creativity and yielding different results. 

Where digital really shines is easy of use and speed. Hardware really can’t touch the convenience of total recall, the possibilities of audio editing and speed that digital has.

Therefore we use a combination of hardware and software to bring your tracks to the next level. Want something specific? Let us know and we will try and accomodate.


Music Production

Whether you need music for your event or video, some help in producing your ideas, or just want to add some analog spice to liven up your tracks, STUDIOLICS have you covered.

We have a wide selection of synths and effects at our dissposal to give your tracks a unique sound and make them stand out from the masses. Our mixing hardware makes for a proper front-end for coloring and recording

We have experience in recording and mixing vocals, guitars, drums, piano and percussion instruments among others. Please do not hesitate to get touch if you have a specific requirement. 

Music Label

Our music label is not your typical label. We are artists ourselves and as such we do not want to make a profit by exploiting the hard work of others. Therefore our artists receive 100% of their royalties. And there is no catch.

Proudly working with




Postulart & D’Hisser






Apogee Symphony Mk2


Bettermaker Bus Compressor

Bettermaker Stereo Passive Equalizer

Elysia mpressor

Elysia museq

Elysia nvelope

Euterpe Vertice

Jomox T-Resonator

Moog MF-101, MF-102, MF-103, MF-104m, MF-108m 

Overstayer Modular Channel 8755DM


Abstrakt Instruments VS-1 (expected)

Acces Virus B

Grp A2

Moog Minitaur

Moog Voyager

Moon Modular system (M501D, M502D, M511D, M517S, M526)

Roland TR8

Roland SE02

Sequential Prophet Rev2

Vermona DRM1 MKIV

Vermona PerFOURmer

Waldorf Blofeld